Alma Berrow (b. 1992), a ceramist based in London, holds a BA in Art and Textiles from Falmouth University. During the first COVID-19 lockdown, she began exploring ceramics as her primary medium. With a background as a pastry chef, Berrow brings culinary precision to her art, transforming everyday disposable items like cigarette butts and fruit peels into intricately detailed sculptural works. Her practice re-investigates the genre of still life, portraying contemporary taboos and zeitgeist through ubiquitous pocket litter.

Berrow's work captures the ephemeral nature of daily life and human sentiment, offering a playful yet poignant commentary on consumption and waste. She excels in transforming ordinary objects into art pieces that are both humorous and otherworldly beautiful.

Berrow has exhibited in galleries and fairs across the United Kingdom, the United States, and Mexico, and has participated in artist residencies such as Inclusartiz in Rio de Janeiro. Her numerous solo and group exhibitions include Timothy Taylor's "IRL: In Real Life" (2021), "No More Than Five" at Lamb Gallery, and most recently, "Echo" at Lamb Gallery in October 2023. Her distinctive approach and intricate craftsmanship have earned her recognition in the contemporary art scene.