Since ancient times, Ibiza has been marked by a wide variety of cultures, shaping an immensely valuable historical-artistic heritage. Its receptive, assimilative, and hospitable nature towards social, artistic, and cultural movements has led to the realization of CAN, an innovative art fair that merges the emotion and vibrancy of the contemporary art scene with the laid-back attitude typical of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

CAN translates as "house of" in Ibicenco, thus turning Ibiza into what it has always been: the House of Art. It's the home of the latest movements, the space where everything arrives first, ultimately a place that stands out for setting the course for others to follow.

From Ibiza to the world, and even from the world to Ibiza. Ibiza has always been the perfect ecosystem for enriching encounters between freedom, avant-garde, and creativity. That's why CAN aims to drive that same magic by bringing together a wide selection of the world's most important galleries to showcase the work of some of the most exciting and recognized artists in the current scene.

Back then and once again now... The island once welcomed the most advanced cultures (Phoenician, Greek...) as well as the most groundbreaking social and artistic movements (hippies, musical avant-garde...), and this powerful magnetism will come back to life through CAN.

Contemporary Art Now reflects the fixation on renewing what is already contemporary. At CAN, we are convinced that there's only one thing more current than today: the now. Our surname 'Now' is a rigorous statement of intent that leads us to focus solely and exclusively on the latest in Contemporary Art.


CAN or Contemporary Art Now is conceived as an event that celebrates the current rebirth of figurative painting and works related to this pictorial movement. With a retrospective look at the pioneering legacy of cubism, impressionism, expressionism, surrealism, fauvism, CoBrA, New Objectivity, leading to Futurism and the New Leipzig School, Pop Art, naive art, and their sub-varieties, the fair's curation focuses primarily on notable artists and the galleries that have supported their practices. With this approach, CAN aims to pay homage to the individuals and entities that have contributed to driving and appreciating this progression and supporting its further development. This defined approach transforms the occasion into a casual gathering of top-tier artists whose activities often intersected in the past due to their complementary affinity towards similar aesthetics.

With the emphasis on the NOW, Contemporary Art Now aims to provide an overview of who, how, when, and why has contributed to the dynamic global scene we witness today and how it connects with the legacy of the greats of modern and contemporary painting. Whether through Van Gogh's focus on color, light, or texture, referencing Bacon's exploration of the human condition, elaborating on Picasso's ingenious play of perspectives, depth, and volume, reclaiming Guston's incisive and changing visual vocabulary, or continuing with the refreshing, challenging, and hybrid style and techniques of Peter Saul, CAN prioritizes established artists and galleries that ignited the flame years ago but also nurtures this special moment by shedding light on new emerging names. Although focusing on figurative painting, CAN is determined to introduce the most avant-garde forms through its program, emphasizing the new languages that have emerged and are constantly evolving.

Presented in a spacious venue on the outskirts of the city of Ibiza, CAN resembles more a vibrant gathering of galleries than a conventional art fair. With CAN, we aim to boost the creativity that has always existed on the island by presenting a curated selection of some of the world's most recognized galleries to showcase the work of today's most resonant artists.

During summer and for 5 days, the island will become a meeting place for artists, art collectors, enthusiasts, and personalities from the local and international cultural world. CAN will be the major art event in July, bringing together international galleries mainly from Europe, America, and Asia, presenting over 100 artists in a single space.


Saša Bogojev