Grgur Akrap was born in 1988 in Zagreb. In 2013, he graduated from the Academy of Fine
Arts in Zagreb. Through his painting work, he explores the property of color as a means of
symbolic, archetypal and mythical expression of universal civilizational values. On the other
hand, he also uses color as a means of expressing individual and subjective psychological and
spiritual states. The symbols that appear in his paintings indicate an aspiration for a
metaphysical fusion of the visible and the invisible, and at the same time the creation of an
opposition between the real and the rational through mystical and exotic fantasy.
After numerous recognitions and awards on the domestic scene, from 2020. he starts
exhibiting abroad. His work was recognized and published in the world-renowned Juxtapoz
magazine for art and culture, and later in the Dutch cultural magazine SeeAllThis. In 2023,
his work was exhibited at the group exhibition The Artist is a beast in Amsterdam, which
included works from the Edwin Oostmeijer collection. In the same year, he held two solo exhibitions, one in Italy at the Richter gallery, and the other in Denmark at the HAGD contemporary gallery. In 2024, he participated at the UVNT
Art Fair in Madrid with the gallery HAGD contemporary. In July of this year, he will
participate in a group exhibition at the Museum MORE in the Netherlands under the title
Licked by the waves.

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