Mahsa Merci (*1990 ,Tehran, Iran) holds an MFA from the University of Manitoba, Canada, and currently lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. Mahsa Merci is a queer artist who works in various media, primarily in painting and sculpture, to challenge conservative social and political norms, defy the stranglehold of traditional cultures and religions, and celebrate the wide spectrum of gender identities and expressions. Her works aspire to raise awareness in the audience of the hidden facets people may carry within all aspects of their identi- ties. Mahsa reimagines and reformulates the voice of the self to offer an articulate LGBTQ language despite race, roots, color, and culture. She brings together a body of work that establishes new definitions that draw upon textures and gestures which manifest across natural and sociopolitical boundaries. Mahsa Merci has exhibited her works in over forty solo and group exhibitions in the United States, Italy, Germany, UAE, Belgium, Cyprus, Canada, Hong Kong, and Iran. Her works has been published in various well-known magazines globally. 

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