Fotografía de The Hole



New York City, USA

For CAN Ibiza, 2024 The Hole would be pleased to present a group booth featuring new works by Mathew Tom, Gosha Levochkin, Pedro Pedro, Jonny Niesche, Monica Kim Garza and more. Following his 2023 New York Solo debut, master of monochrome, Mathew Tom brings a new oil on linen painting, incorporating images that hold symbolic significance for both Eastern and Western cultures, inviting viewers to consider how different cultural traditions can be brought together to create something new and meaningful. Brooklyn based Gosha Levochkin brings new paintings, with a Chicago Imagist influence, perhaps best described as post analog expressionist. Jonny Niesche brings neon-hued chromatic fields and prismatic structures riff on mid-century minimalism with formal inventiveness. Meanwhile Pedro Pedro brings platters of abundance and Monica Kim Garza’s paintings depict convivial scenes of gatherings often around food or a cocktail.