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Anita Snellman at Museum Puget

05.07.2024 - 10.11.2024

"Anita Snellman a Eivissa" 

Anita Snellman, Finnish painter and honorary professor (1924-2006), is known for her work rich in color and light, and her connection to the island of Ibiza, where she settled in 1955. Influenced by the Mediterranean environment, Snellman's style evolved from a dark palette inspired by Picasso to a vibrant and expressive use of color, reflecting the luminosity and natural life of the island.

His early works in Ibiza, such as “El Guitarrista Pepe” (1958) and “Doña Lucia” (1956), show his interest in “human drama” and have a marked Picasso influence in the empathetic and expressive treatment of the figures. Over time, Snellman found inspiration in nature and local inhabitants, painting scenes of rural life and animals, as in “Elena and Petit” (1967) and “The Almond Tree” (1969).

Snellman's work is characterized by an almost mathematical interplay of lines, shadows and colors. Paintings such as “Palma de Mallorca” (1954) and “La Ibicenca” (1955) show his ability to capture the essence of his surroundings with precision and a warm, vibrant palette. Over the years, her interest expanded into cosmic and mythical themes, reflected in her triptychs.

In 1976, she was named Finnish Artist of the Year, which led to a major retrospective at the Kunsthalle in Helsinki. The exhibition showcased her wide range of styles and subjects, from those influenced by Picasso and Matisse to her more luminous and romantic works, such as “Sunshine” and “Happiness to See.”

Snellman was also an influential teacher at the Finnish Academy of Art, where she taught painting from 1971 to 1979, supporting young female artists and building their confidence. Throughout her career, she organized numerous exhibitions, both in Finland and at her home in Ibiza, where her work continued to evolve until her later years, marked by an exuberant and vital style. The Anita Snellman Foundation, created in 1979, continues to support the visual arts and preserve her artistic legacy, keeping alive the spirit and vision of this outstanding Finnish painter.

This exhibition at the Museu Puget in Eivissa, in honor of the centenary of Anita Snellman's birth, is the first solo exhibition to be held on her beloved island.

Museo Puget

Calle Mayor, 18,
07800, Ibiza,
Islas Baleares