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Francesc Roselló

21.06.2024 - 14.07.2024

"I feel like Robinson Crusoe"

Francesc Rosselló will present a project at Hotel Blanco in Formentera as part of the OFF CAN Contemporary Art Now program. This initiative, since 2022, has promoted the art of Balearic artists by organizing exhibitions in venues across the Pityusic Islands, primarily between Formentera and Ibiza.

Born in Vilafranca de Bonany, Mallorca, in 1994, Francesc Rosselló is an artist whose pictorial work fuses the real and the imagined into a unique visual narrative. He graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona in 2016 and has developed a prolific career with numerous solo and group exhibitions internationally.

He employs a mix of techniques and styles that evoke both past eras and contemporary times, combining everyday elements with a melancholic and sometimes unsettling undertone. His works are distinguished by their distinctive treatment of color and line, reflecting his personal experiences and inner demons. His exhibition series, such as "I miss you (only on Fridays)," "5 minutos más y ya vuelvo" (5 more minutes and I'll be back), and "After Party," capture the essence of complex experiences and emotions, using self-portraits and fictionalized autobiographical scenes. These works, laden with symbolism and nostalgia, invite the viewer on an introspective journey.

After a party, we know all too well that not all roads lead home. Perhaps reaching that destination is precisely the least exciting of all that can happen to us. So we prolong the return, we wander about what might happen, making the journey as long and exhilarating as our imagination and the remnants of last night's events allow us to make it. In this way, exhausted and perhaps a little drunk, but with our curiosity intact, we often find ourselves in search of an unexpected destination.

Rosselló paints these homecomings, these surreal scenes, as if they were mythical, a journey of self-knowledge, referential and exotic, originating from a fragmentation of reality, not reality itself. He seeks to approach the immediate, maximising expressiveness, because rather than reflecting his surroundings, he tries to transmit the perceived world in a wise mixture of the dreamed, the imagined and the real. The extraordinary side of the things that surround him, that which he always recognises and which manifests itself in the remains of a party, in the social gathering par excellence, the young cry; an uncompromising gaze that dominates the space.

Text by Óscar Manrique 

For the second consecutive year, the Balearic tourism company Paya Hotels reaffirms its strong commitment to Balearic artistic creation and to strengthening and increasing the visibility of this sector through its support of the OFF CAN 2024 program. This program not only promotes Balearic talent but also seeks to connect Ibiza and Formentera through art.

In collaboration with Galeria Pelaires. 

Hotel Blanco


Carrer des Fonoll Marí, 50,
07871 Es Pujols,
Illes Balears