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Erwan Frotin x Loewe Scents

26.06.2024 - 30.06.2024

LOEWE Perfumes, through its artisanal spirit and constant inspiration from nature, represents a repertoire of vibrant and innovative scents inspired by different human emotions and attitudes, a multi-sensory kaleidoscope of colour, scent and emotion inspired by nature.

Designed to evoke the purest essences of a vegetable garden, the LOEWE Home Scents collection celebrates the beauty and diversity of the natural world, cultivated by human creativity, craftsmanship and innovation, as well as being a distillation of LOEWE's vibrant aesthetic. Each piece in the collection is framed by a work by celebrated Franco-Swiss photographer Erwan Frotin that will be present at the third edition of Can Art Fair Ibiza for the first time. 

Known for his detailed photographs celebrating the beauty and diversity of the natural world, Frotin's signature snapshots of the line's organic inspirations represent a modern interpretation of Kazuma Ogawa's records. Combining innovative olfactory experiences with vibrant visual expression, LOEWE Perfumes harnesses the beauty and ephemerality of nature to bring the outdoors in.

Created in close collaboration between Jonathan Anderson and the brand's nose, Nuria Cruelles, the LOEWE Home Scents collection, part botanical garden and part apothecary, fuses inspiration from nature, the colours of plants themselves and the shapes of historical objects.

Each fragrance is expressed in the form of scented candles, wax candlesticks, spray air fresheners and soaps, always with an artisanal component that expresses LOEWE's commitment to craftsmanship and natural materials.


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