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Natalie Rich at Galería También

21.06.2024 - 5.07.2024

Galería También in Santa Gertrudis, located in the center of Ibiza, presents ELEMENTS, the first solo exhibition of Natalie Rich in Ibiza, where she lives and works. This new selection of drawings and wall sculptures (collage reliefs) has been created especially for the occasion. The artist explores the relationship between clay (ceramics) and wood. Complemented by ELEMENTS on paper, at first, two or three forms, then they dissipate, leaving only the color; the relief governs the outline. Color is the main theme of the drawings, with masks as the pretext.

"Through the two modes of Natalie Rich's creation, I find a fascinating dreamlike dimension that gives these works their presence and strength, and this dreamlike dimension has been present in art for a long time." Yves Michaud (French philosopher and art critic).


Galería También

Calle Vénda de Parada, 20,
07814 Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera,
Islas Baleares